“Give a Dog a Home: Live!” on Animal Planet: Adopt a dog or cat from the show

Best Friends Animal Society is working with Animal Planet on “Give a Dog a Home: Live!” to raise awareness of the many adoptable pets looking for loving homes. The show aired live, every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 p.m. Eastern Time on Animal Planet.

This past Saturday's special edition of "Give a Dog a Home: Live!"

"Give a Dog a Home: Live!" — geared up for the holiday season with a special two-hour final episode! It aired on Animal Planet on Saturday, December 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and featured some adorable animals from Best Friends. 

Ready to adopt a pet from Best Friends?

Did you fall in love with an adoptable dog or cat on “Give a Dog a Home: Live!”?

If you are ready to adopt a specific pet that you saw on the show, let us know about the animal and we’ll be in touch to get the adoption process rolling.

If you would like more information about adoption, including links to find adoptable pets on your own, click below to receive useful resources and links.

Find more adoptable pets

This Black Friday, skip the mall and Save Them All! Adoption fees are waived for cats and dogs at the following Best Friends locations nationwide starting Friday, November 29. 


Los Angeles

New York City

Salt Lake City

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (We transport pets nationwide!)​

If you didn’t see your perfect match on the show, you can also adopt from Best Friends Animal Society in Houston or your local animal shelter or rescue group. Find a Best Friends Network partner near you.

Helpful Pet Resources

If you've been watching "Give a Dog a Home: Live" on Animal Planet, you'll know that there's more to adoption than finding the right dog or cat. The show also gives valuable tips on how to care for your new pet, and other ways to help adoptable pets in need. Here are some helpful resources on topics you might have seen on the show lately.

FIV in Cats FAQs: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Pet Fostering Q&A

Senior Pets and Health Issues

New Pet: Bringing Home a New Family Member


Watch “Give a Dog a Home: Live!”

Featuring amazing available dogs and cats, “Give a Dog a Home: Live!,” season 1 aired live on Animal Planet.


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