Lost and found pets from Hurricane Harvey

Animal Rescue Disaster Hotline: (713) 861-3010

Use the resources on this page to look for a lost dog or cat or post a found animal.

Found Pets NRG Center

Found pets in Best Friends care
View found pets wanting to be reunited with their families.  Our Pet Reunion Pavilion is open at the NRG Arena daily from 10am-7pm.  View pets and get directions >

Need a lift to get to the Arena? Best Friends and Doobert are partnering to provide people in Houston and surrounding areas with free transport to and from the Pet Reunion Pavilion at the NRG Arena where they can look for their lost pets. Click here >


Search PetHarbor.com
View found animals displaced by Harvey as recorded in Chameleon's animal sheltering software. Click here.

VetsPlusMore App

VetsPlusMore App
You can search the database for your lost pet here or post a found animal. An app is also available for both your Apple or Android mobile device. If prompted, click "unlimited free access referrals" to access the app. You can also use the app to connect with a vet if needed.


Finding Rover App for lost pets

FindingRover App
You can search their database for your lost pet here or post a found animal.  An app is also available for both your Apple or Android mobile device.

Helping Lost Pets website

Since Hurricane Harvey hit, more than 350+ pets from Houston area listed across a number of Facebook feeds. Search them here.


To view all the places you can search online or in person to find your lost animal, go to www.findmylostpet.com.