Preview of Best Friends' Pet Lifesaving Dashboard


Three years ago, we launched the pet lifesaving dashboard to help people everywhere get engaged with their local shelters and help them make a real difference in the lives of homeless pets. We're updating the dashboard again this summer, and we want to give you an early preview because of your work and your passion for homeless pets.

About the pet lifesaving dashboard

If you haven't used the dashboard before, the information you're about to see is collected from shelters, state and local coalitions, government websites and any public sources where shelter data is available. That data is then thoroughly analyzed and put into a visual format.

The hope is that through the dashboard, pet advocates will be able to understand the data clearly and be inspired to do what they can to help homeless pets in their communities.

Preview the dashboard

The dashboard is very much a work in progress, so please excuse any errors or glitches. As you begin your preview, please keep in mind:

  • This latest version of the dashboard is confidential, so we ask that you do not share it at this time.
  • There are some known issues with the latest version of the dashboard on mobile phones, so please use a desktop and laptop computers if possible.

Preview the dashboard

Not sure where to start? Begin by browsing through the landing page, then read about your state and community, and take a look at a specific shelter in your community. Our hope is that, after your preview is over, you'll understand how your state and community are doing, and you'll have a good idea of what actions you can take to help.

Tell us what you think

After you've had a chance to review the dashboard, we'd appreciate any ideas you have on how to make it more effective, compelling and user-friendly. The dashboard you see today is the result of valuable feedback from people like you, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts this second time around.

Take a quick surve


If you have any questions or are unable to get started, please reply to the email you received inviting you to this preview page. Thank you for participating in this important endeavor. And thank you for everything you do to help homeless pets.