Optional conference tracks on a variety of topics

The 2018 conference sessions are divided into eight main categories called “tracks.” You can pick and choose sessions from different tracks, or follow one track to increase your overall education on a particular topic.

Check the full schedule for specific session information for each of these tracks.

Fundraising in the modern age track iconFundraising in the modern age

Whether you believe that fundraising is an art or a science, we can at least all agree that we can’t do this lifesaving work without it. But what should raising money to save homeless pets look like in the digital age? From the ins and outs of campaigns and stewardship to the nuanced aspects of social fundraising and storytelling, you’ll find everything you need in these sessions to jump-start and grow your fundraising engines.

Powerful, proactive animal control track iconPowerful, proactive animal control

Animal services field officers are the critical bridge between shelters and the communities they serve. Fostering public safety, providing essential resources, assisting pets and their people — they do it all. These sessions tackle everything from proactive field techniques that prevent pets from entering shelters in the first place to the use of data and outreach programs that support the no-kill goal.

Adoptions and animal care: A lifesaving playbook track iconAdoptions and animal care: A lifesaving playbook

Providing the best possible care for pets in need and finding them the loving homes they deserve are at the heart of everything we do. But it’s not enough just to want to do those things. The right resources and expertise are key. In these essential sessions, you’ll learn everything from how to implement successful medical programs and lifesaving protocols to how to define your approach to adoption and fostering.

Magic marketing and creative communications track iconMagic marketing and creative communications

In a perfect world, all of those fabulous adopters, supporters and donors would just show up at our door without us having to ask. And maybe someday they will. But until then, getting our message out there, and doing so in the right way, is critical to our success. This track offers expert knowledge about and resources for digital and content marketing, public relations, social media strategies, quality imagery and more.

Getting down with data track iconGetting down with data

Data-driven decision-making is what all the cool kids are doing these days. And there’s a reason for it: It’s saving lives, not to mention a whole lot of time and resources. Using data to inform your work effectively, such as implementing programs based on which animals are most at risk in your community, is what you’ll learn how to do in this smart, lifesaving track. Get ready to fall in love with all things data.

Shaping your no-kill community track iconShaping your no-kill community

Saving lives and sustaining our progress requires us to look beyond the shelters and outward into our communities. Advocating for pet-friendly policies, implementing large-scale community cat programs, creating public-private partnerships that support the no-kill goal and understanding underserved neighborhoods are essential pieces of the no-kill puzzle. And you’ll explore it all, and more, in these sessions.

Lifesaving technology: Innovative solutions anyone can use track iconLifesaving technology: Innovative solutions anyone can use - sponsored by Petco Foundation

Welcome to the digital age. Yes, technology really does matter for our work. The good news is that the tools available to us today are user-friendly and seemingly unlimited in terms of their lifesaving potential. In this track, we’ll touch on basics like using email and content management platforms, as well as ways to leverage new technologies, such as facial recognition and chatbots, to achieve our no-kill goals.

Save Them All: Regional working groups track iconSave Them All: Regional working groups

Want to see what the path to no-kill actually looks like? Want to help troubleshoot lifesaving in your area of the country? This track provides an opportunity for both. In communities of all types and sizes, dedicated individuals and organizations are proving that no-kill is achievable and creating road maps for getting there. Come learn how different regions of the country are pursuing no-kill and work with fellow advocates to implement that knowledge in your own community.

Lighting the way to lifesaving track iconLighting the way to lifesaving

This unique track is underscored by one theme: leadership. It makes or breaks everything we do, and yet is often an overlooked piece in the lifesaving puzzle. Creating sustainability and successful teams, building coalitions, using language effectively, designing an engaged volunteer program — all this and more is on the table in these leadership-oriented sessions.