Best Friends Animal Society Scholarships Veterinary Students/Veterinary Technician Externs

Michael Lopez Ferlin Memorial Scholarship

“To help us honor, remember and celebrate Michael's life of 37 years that sadly ended in 2005, we decided to set up a special memorial fund with Best Friends. We know Michael would have thought this was a wonderful organization, especially since he always said he liked animals much more than people. The fund is called the "Michael Lopez Ferlin Fund." Ferlin, a Lhasa apso, was Michael's favorite childhood dog. Although Ferlin could be quite mean, Michael worshipped that dog and insisted everyone else around him worshipped Ferlin, too!

We chose a scholarship for future veterinarians because instead of the funds we raise going towards helping a few animals short term, we believe that the veterinarians receiving these funds will help animals forever. That is what Michael would have wanted most. We wish all veterinarians receiving the Michael Lopez Ferlin Scholarship a wonderful future and we hope that our incredibly special husband/son/brother/uncle/son-in-law/friend (Michael was all of these) will make a positive difference in your lives and all the animals that you touch.”

Candace Lopez (wife of Michael)
Sue Lopez (mother of Michael)
Rhonda, Will, and Jake Abraham (sister, brother-in-law, nephew)

Who may apply: Fourth year veterinary student externs

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Chilliwack Community Animal Project Scholarship Fund for Canadian Veterinary Students & Veterinary Technicians

Chilliwack Community Animal Projects is an animal rescue organization based out of British Columbia. They have a strong belief that people interested in animal rescue should be able to access educational opportunities specific for work in shelters & sanctuaries. In order to facilitate this, they have created a scholarship for veterinary students or veterinary technicians in Canada, with the main goal to have Best Friend's philosophy, training and information brought back to Canada, ultimately benefiting the animals of Canada.

Recipients must be from Canada. An externship or internship application must also be filed with the Internship Department.

Who may apply: Fourth year veterinary student externs or veterinary technician student externs (Canadian residents only)

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