Shelly Kotter

Shelly KotterManager of Community Cat Programs

As the manager for Best Friends’ community cat programs, Shelly Kotter advises communities across the country on humane methods of dealing with cat overpopulation. The goal is to keep feral (community) cats out of the shelter system by implementing trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs and relocating at-risk community cats.

Shelly has worked at Best Friends since 1998 and has played a pivotal role in defining its stance toward community cats. In her capacity as lead manager working with municipal shelters, Shelly manages a number of local model community cat programs, including  programs in southern Utah and northern Arizona, Philadelphia and Columbus, Georgia. She also mentors many other communities across the country, helping them to enact similar programs.

For Shelly, the most rewarding thing about her job is helping people make a difference in their own communities and teaching them to take the right steps to reduce the number of community cats. Shelly is married, and has four human kids, several cats and one dog.