Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care

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Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care is the San Francisco Bay Area's only holistically oriented cat rescue. We take in injured, homeless and sick cats from the streets, the public, and other shelters.   We offer rehabilitation, adoption, and hospice services. Our cats are fed a diet of raw organic meat, bones, & supplements. We use treatment modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal and flower essence remedies, in addition to Western veterinary care.  Cats at Bee Holistic enjoy a cage free, indoor/outdoor lifestyle here, and we ask  the same for them in their new homes.  We counsel the public on diet, care, emotional problems, etc.  We do TNR (trap, neuter, return and care), for free-living cats, and care for several free-living colonies.

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Richmond, CA 94805
United States