Companion Cats, Inc.

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Companion Cats, Inc. is a 501c3 organization with a mission to spay and neuter as many unowned cats as possible in our community, thus ending the suffering of abandoned and homeless cats living on the streets.  Over the past nine years, Companion Cats has operated a free and/or low cost spay/neuter clinic serving 21 cities, villages and rural areas.  Once spayed our goal is to place the cats in an environment that best fits each cat. This method provides the most humane living situation possible. If the cat is not very friendly but is homeless, perhaps this means being a “Barn Buddy” or being introduced into a controlled colony. If feral kittens are found, it might mean living in a volunteer foster care home where they can be socialized until old enough to be spayed, neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption.  Starting a county-wide TNR program is our newest project.

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