Fix Long Beach

Fix Long Beach (Long Beach, California) logo is red and black with the “i” dotted by a pawprint and the “x” formed by scissors
We service Seniors, Homeless, Low Income, and Homebound individuals in and around Long Beach, who otherwise may not have adequate means to take proper care of their pets.  Spay/neuter is now mandatory in Long Beach because of shelter overpopulation due to a large amount of unwanted puppies and kittens in the facility, leading to euthanasia of many of them. Fix Long Beach is an all-volunteer effort intended to mitigate these numbers. We have been recognized by the Long Beach shelter and several city council members for fixing over 5,000 pets and having contributed to a 70% decline in euthanasia numbers.  Our mission is to make long beach a no kill city. We worked with City council to change the law in Long Beach in 2015 to make Spay and Neuter mandatory and our goal in the next two years is the make this law state-wide. Fix Long Beach Website

Long Beach, CA 90804
United States