Guardians for the Animals of Ohio, Inc.

Best Friends Network Partner logo for Guardians for the Animals of Ohio (Columbus, Ohio)

Guardians for the Animals of Ohio, Inc. is an approved non profit 501C3 rescue & advocacy organization dedicated to saving the dogs of Franklin County Dog Shelter (FCDS) in Columbus, Ohio. Our members will be working directly with rescues, while also engaged in securing positive, progressive changes in the current FCDS shelter system. We believe the dogs should not be victims of a failed system, so we will work diligently and resourcefully to make the changes necessary to bring FCDS into this century.  We will dedicate our time & efforts to collaborate with the rescue community, as well as the dog loving public. Our goal is to network, advocate, obtain pledges, and work hard to save lives under the current system, as well as accomplish our mission to change antiquated shelter policies toward no kill facility, which will ultimately save the most lives.  We want to aid in helping rescues get their dogs adopted and/or out of boarding and into foster homes, as well. This is a natural progression that enables the rescues to make more room to pull & save more Franklin County dogs.
Columbus, OH