Misunderstood Mutts Rescue

Misunderstood Mutts Rescue (Bellingham, Washington) logo has three dogs covering their eyes, ears, and mouth behind a fence

Misunderstood Mutts Rescue (MMR) is a  registered 501(c)3, volunteer based organization serving the greater Yakima Valley, greater Portland area, and Puget Sound region. We are dedicated to saving abandoned, free, and throwaway dogs in areas where abuse, neglect, and cruelty are prevalent.
 MMR places dogs in temporary foster homes where they are vetted, spayed/neutered (when medically sound), socialized, vaccinated and any medical/behavioral issues are addressed. MMR actively searches for adoption (and foster) homes by posting on various adoption websites, our own website, and social media. We strive to place the right dog with the right family and our process requires not only an application, but a home check, references, a meet & greet, and a representative from MMR performing proper introduction techniques.

Bellingham, WA