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Seattle Animal Shelter
Seattle, Washington 98119

The Seattle Animal Shelter fosters safe, healthy and caring relationships between people and animals in our communities.

Seattle Animal Shelter Website
Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue Inc.
Cumberland, Maryland 21502

The Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue is a sanctuary, rescue without borders and animal rights advocacy group who is committed to the promotion of the rescuing and adoption of homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused animals by creating an alliance with other sanctuaries, advocacy groups, rescues and animal shelters.

Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue Inc. Website
Midlands Humane Society
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

The Mission of the Midlands Humane Society is to protect and nurture companion animals and enrich the lives of people who love them.

Midlands Humane Society Website
Friends of Calhoun County Canine Shelter
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579

Calhoun County Canine Shelter is a small county owned shelter that is supplemented by a Friends of the shelter group. We help the lost and homeless pets of the county find their owners or new homes as needed. We work with our local correctional facility to train the dogs in housebreaking and leash skills to help them transition into new homes much easier. We also work with local law enforcement on neglect and abuse investigations.

Friends of Calhoun County Canine Shelter Website
Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter
Vinita, Oklahoma 74301

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter, a regional resource, is committed to the welfare and wellbeing of dogs and cats. We are innovative in our well-managed, interlocking programs and services. We collaborate with other organizations and institutions. We are a valued first responder in animal abuse interventions. We educate and serve pet owners so they can better care for and keep their animals.

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter Website
Connie's Kittens
Cary, North Carolina 27518

Connie's Kittens is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. My mission is to care for and find homes for unwanted kittens and cats. I operate a small, home-based rescue, fostering kittens and cats until they are ready for adoption. Because every kitty deserves love.

Connie's Kittens Website
St. Seton's Orphaned Animals
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405

Our mission is to reduce euthanasia of companion animals and the preservation of the bond between people and pets.

St. Seton's Orphaned Animals Website
Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center
St. Louis, Missouri 63110

Our goal for each cat who comes through our doors is a connection with a loving, life-long family. Sometimes a connection with an adopter is made quickly, sometimes it takes a while. Our commitment is long-term.

Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center Website
Project Precious Rescue
Stamford, Connecticut 06907

The mission of PPR is to rescue adoptable animals who may otherwise face homelessness or death, and find them loving forever homes. Our goal is to provide the best veterinary care, and we strive to place our animals in carefully screened homes that best match their needs. We rely solely on donations, and do not profit from our work. We rescue on our terms - dogs and cats, and do not discriminate against age/breed.

Project Precious Rescue Website
Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

The Humane Society's mission is to provide a clean comfortable shelter for homeless, abused, lost and impounded animals of our community; to place as many of these animals as possible in loving and responsible homes and humanely euthanize those not adopted; to investigate complaints of animal abuse/neglect; and to educate the public about responsible care of companion animals, ESPECIALLY SPAY/NEUTER!

Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society Website
Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter
Holbrook, Arizona 86025

We are supporting our local City Animal Control services by assisting with spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, holding adoption and education events, and educating community members regarding responsible pet parenting.  We are working via Facebook, our local newspaper, local radio station, community groups, school children, and pet owners to bring awareness to the animals in our area and the animals in our animal shelter as well as the problems in our animal community including high numbers of strays and lost animals as well as disease. We work closely in our Holbrook Animal Shelter to assist with the welfare and socialization of our shelter animals. We work closely with other animal welfare organizations to find alternative placement for our animals that are not being adopted in the community.

Friends of the Holbrook Animal Shelter Website
Mountain City Animal Shelter
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683

We at Mountain City Animal shelter believe that every animal deserves kindness, compassion and care. We work to ensure that every lost, abandoned, abused, and forgotten animal finds their forever home.

Mountain City Animal Shelter Website