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Watermelon Mountain Ranch
Rio Rancho, NM
Watermelon Mountain Ranch understands and appreciates the significance and positive impact that animals can have interacting with people. TO foster this human- animal bond, WMR provides the facilites and support for efforts that encourage the positive interaction of children, youth, adults and people with disabilities. Fashioned after the cottages at Best Friends we provide free roam catteries and community living rescued dogs. Go to website
Watauga Humane Society
Boone, NC

The mission of the Watauga Humane Society is to provide the following:  A well-equipped and appropriately staffed facility where the citizens of Watauga County can bring unwanted and abandoned animals; Relief of suffering among animals; Provisions for food, shelter, medical care, and love to homeless animals while they await permanent homes; Assistance with control of unwanted animals by offering low-cost spay/neuter services; Education to the public about responsible animal ownership and care.

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Washington Area Humane Society
Eighty Four, PA

Provide shelter, safety and food for the orphaned and abused animals of Washington County with the goal of placing them in loving homes.  Provide public education about the humane care and treatment of animals.  Provide affordable veterinary outpatient services including spaying or neutering.  Investigate and resolve abuse cases in the best interests of the animal and community.  The Washington Area Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, meaning we do not euthanize animals to make room for other animals.

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Walk Me Home Rescue (NKLA)
Monrovia, CA

Walk Me Home Rescue Group is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue as many animals from shelters and place them in good, loving homes for the rest of their lives.

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BF Network Partner 172H
Tullahoma, TN

Our Mission is to offer care and rehabilitation for neglected, abandoned, abused and unwanted animals. Some of these animals become adoptable and some find Sanctuary in our home forever. We promote compassion and humane treatment for all animals. All of our animals are vetted, spayed or neutered before adoption, if age appropriate. We try to pull from high kill shelters in the area. We have also taken strays.

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Wags to Whiskers of Texas, Inc.
Porter, TX
Wags to Whiskers is dedicated to saving the lives of our companion animals, through rescue, adoption, education, sheltering and spay/neuter. Go to website
Houston, TX

WAGS Fund is a registered 501c3. Our group of volunteers and pet advocates work tirelessly to rescue, vet, foster, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs and cats in the Houston area. We rescue adoptable dogs and cats that are abandoned or likely to be euthanized in area shelters, foster them, raise funds to allow for transitional boarding until fosters are available, fully vet animals, market them, and in some cases, provide behavioral and/or obedience training. We are 100% committed to they are placed in a safe and loving home and beyond.

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Wags and Whiskers
Modesto, CA

Wags and Whiskers Rescue is a non-profit (501c3) all-breed animal rescue. Our animals are pulled from euthanasia lists throughout the state of California. We understand many have landed in these situations due to no fault of their own and truly have potential to be great family pets. WAWR assists with medical issues, behavioral issues and training to help these pets on their journey.

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Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue, Inc.
Crossville, TN

Our mission  is  "No more homeless pets in our area". We aim to accomplish this through programs such as: Community Spay/Neuter voucher program, education of school-age children in animal welfare, animal rescue: we occasionally foster unwanted animals turned into our muncipal shelter, and we provide cat and dog vaccinations for animals in the Cumberland County (TN)  Animal Shelter. 

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Wags and Walks
Los Angeles,, CA

Wags and Walks was founded by Lesley Brog because she knew she could do more for the Shelter Animals. Wags and Walks goal is to educate people about the types of dogs in the Shelters and find those animals suitable, loving fosters and adopters. Lesley Brog visits Shelters on a daily basis, she gets to know the animals, take pictures and videos and urgently networks to find the dogs a loving home before their time is up.

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Waggytail Rescue (NKLA)
Los Angeles, CA

We are an all-volunteer, animal rescue organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of small breed dogs and puppies in urgent circumstances. We save dogs from imminent euthanasia at over-croweded NYC, West Coast, and South East shelters.

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Wagging Dog Rescue
Carlsbad, CA

Wagging Dog Rescue champions the rights of animals worldwide and works to create a better future for all lives. We rescue orphaned dogs from shelters and streets in California and beyond who have no other options and are at risk of euthanasia or worse, who may need medical care or rehabilitation, and who will one day be restored to their rightful place as a cherished family member. We advocate responsible pet guardianship, fight discrimination and dedicate ourselves to educating our communities in order to achieve our goal of a compassionate future for all life.

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