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Snake River Animal Shelter
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405

The mission of SRAS:  To improve and save animal lives by promoting quality care and compassion through adoption and education in the Upper Snake River Valley.

Snake River Animal Shelter Website
Idaho Falls Animal Services (Idaho Falls, Idaho) logo with police badge
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

Idaho  Falls Animal Services has been operating in the Southeastern Idaho city of Idaho Falls for many years. Up until 1999 we carried on business out of a small, antiquated animal shelter. At that time, the City of Idaho Falls determined that a larger, more modern facility was needed to house and care for the growing population of animals in our city. With our current facility, staff, volunteers, rescue partners and access to our webpage and our Facebook page, we are looking forward to finding loving homes for the many pets in our care.

City of Idaho Falls Animal Shelter Website
Bannock Humane Society (Pocatello, Idaho) logo with paw prints
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

The mission of the Bannock Humane Society is to foster animals until a suitable permanent home can be found, reduce the number of unwanted animals through spay and neuter, provide emergency care for injured animals, and educate the public about being responsible pet owners.

Bannock Humane Society Website
Humane Society of the Palouse
Moscow, Idaho 83843

The Humane Society of the Palouse is a no-kill animal shelter located in Moscow ID, founded in 1978.  Our mission is to ensure the humane treatment, welfare and safety of companion animals in Moscow and Latah County.  We strive to prevent cruelty to animals, to ensure companion animals are adopted by responsible and caring owners, to promote spaying/neutering, to educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership, and to minimize euthanasia.

Humane Society of the Palouse Website
Simply Cats Animal Center
Boise, Idaho 83709

We save cats from suffering or euthansia by practicing and promoting high standards of care and creating successful adoptions. Standard protocol to ready each cat for adoption is a medical exam, spaying/neutering, deworming, disease testing, and micro-chipping. Cats and kittens with treatable medical issues are cared for until they receive a clean bill of health from our medical director, regardless of cost or recovery time.

Simply Cats Animal Center Website
Boxer Lovers Rescue (Boise, Idaho) logo with boxer dog & tagline 'helping boxer dogs find a place to forever lay their head ...'
Boise, Idaho 83714

An all-volunteer group of boxer lovers working together to reduce the number of homeless boxers.  Providing shelters an outlet for the boxers in their care, options to owners no longer able to care for their boxer, and education on the boxer breed, we hope for the day of no boxer being homeless.  Working with a network of volunteers, financial supporters, fosters, and transporters, we are able to help hundreds of boxers throughout the Northwest.

Boxer Lovers Rescue Website
Power of the Paw
Post Falls, Idaho 83877

The mission of Power of the Paw is to provide the animals in need with a safe haven through responsible rescue, transportation, foster and adoption and to educate the community about the importance of responsible pet ownership. Our main focus is those in kill shelters that are “less adoptable” due to age, color, medical conditions or breed.

Power of the Paw Website
Happy Jack Cats, Inc.
Meridian, Idaho 83642

We provide clean, healthy, and loving environments, food, shelter, and temporary housing in foster homes for abused, stray, orphaned or abandoned kittens until their adoptions. Animals are housed in cages only for special purposes: quarantine, injury care, other special needs and display at Petco stores. We promote public health and safety by encouraging vaccinations,  including rabies.  We educate the community about animal welfare issues.  We find homes for cats and kittens in order to reduce the need for euthanasia.  We promote the spay and neuter of pet cats and kittens.  We are a no-kill shelter/rescue. We do not euthanize to free up space.  We applaud and support the efforts of other shelters and rescues.

Happy Jack Cats, Inc. Website
The Furry Farm Rescue, Inc
Rathdrum, Idaho 83858

The Furry Farm Rescue's Mission is to reduce abandonment and euthanasia by providing a safe, structured, loving transition to a forever home.

The Furry Farm Rescue, Inc Website
Pocatello Animal Services
Pocatello, Idaho 83205

Our organization's mission statement is to ensure public safety and provide for the welfare of animals.

Pocatello Animal Services Website
Animal House Ferals (Moscow, Idaho) logo with cat, dog, house, paw print
Moscow, Idaho 83843

To promote the health and safety of community feral cat colonies through public education; to trap, neuter, release and vaccinate feral cats within those colonies to maintain feral cats’ health and to reduce the colonies growth; to socialize feral kittens with the goal of taking them out of the colonies and placing them in homes.

Animal House Ferals Website