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All for One Pet Rescue
Royal Palm Beach, FL

All for One Pet Rescue is a team of passionate volunteers dedicated to the rescue of adoptable animals at risk of euthanasia, with a focus on quality care, community education, and to act as a voice to improve the quality of life for all animals.

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All God's Creatures Inc.
East Windor, NJ

The mission of All God's Creatures Inc. is to educate and to collaborate with our communities on the plight of our domestic animals here in the United States,Puerto Rico and Spain. Born and raised in the United States, I have been blessed with an amazing and loving family.  My family has always included pets. Recently i have taken it upon myself to be the spokes person for the animals who are unable to speak for themselves.  As a christian for most of my life my heart breaks for the abused,battered,neglected and homeless animals here in the United States and other countries.  It's up to us to change the world.  That change begins with knowledge then action.

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All Paws Rescue Inc.
Edmond, OK

All Paws Rescue is a foster-based, animal welfare organization committed to improving the lives of homeless, companion animals by finding them loving families, and by spreading awareness and sharing resources to limit pet overpopulation.

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All Paws Rescue Rehabilitation & Education
Chino, CA

All Paws Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education is an all volunteer, no-kill, non-profit organization serving Southern California and beyond. Since 2012 we have been dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, abused and neglected animals from Southern California's HIGH KILL shelters. We work diligently to save the lives of these forgotten animals. We strive to lessen the number of animals in shelters through public education about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets and informing them of the large number of animals that pass through these shelters daily. We hope that our efforts will lead to less animals being senselessly euthanized and more animals finding forever homes and happiness. Animals in our care are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea protected, microchipped and vet checked. They are placed in nurturing foster homes while they await their forever home. Through our adoption process we ensure that we place animals in loving, responsible, committed forever homes. As an all volunteer organization we are committed to the care of our animals. As such, we strive to keep administrative costs low so that virtually all funds are dedicated to the care of our animals. We work with local shelters and other rescue groups to save the lives of these animals through rehabilitation and education. As a result of overpopulation, these animals have a slim chance of leaving the shelter due to sickness, injury or lack of kennel space. Our goal is to help them find their forever home.

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All Sentient Beings logo
New York City, NY
We are a modest rescue organization with an emphasis on educating the public: this includes serving as an information clearinghouse, networking with veterinarians and animal adopters/fosters to create a more holistic and safe environment for these animals. Go to website
all the same
Las Vegas, NV

We are an non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer rescue sanctuary organization for exotic and domestic animals specializing in the care, and treatment of animals that would have otherwise been destroyed from shelters, or by uncaring humans. We are a committed to saving the lives of animals from Los Angeles and transporting them to Las Vegas, Nevada for adoption and care.

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 All They Need is Love Animal Rescue logo
Medford, NJ

All They Need is Love was founded by Emily Richardson and Cari Pedersen in October of 2010. We are based in the South Jersey area. All individuals involved with this rescue are volunteers who do this for the sole purpose of finding these dogs great homes. We are not a shelter so all of our animals are in foster care. We hope to one day grow and start a sanctuary so that we can save even more lives.

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Allegany County Animal Shelter Management Foundation logo
Cumberland, MD

The Allegany County Animal Shelter Management Foundation works to ensure that all dogs and cats in Allegany County are given the best possible opportunity to find a loving home. We support this with financial assistance to the shelter, low cost neuter clinics, and a long range goal of constructing a new shelter in Allegany County.

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Allen County SPCA
Fort Wayne, IN

The Allen County SPCA will promote the prevention of cruelty to animals by providing a safe haven for animals, an effective and comprehensive adoption program, education and outreach programs for the community and deep and broad membership and volunteer programs.

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Alley Cat Advocates
Louisville, KY

Our mission is to provide for the humane treatment of unowned cats in Kentuckiana by directing a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in the safest, most effcient, and cost effective way possible. TNR is the process of trapping stray cats, spaying or neutering them, and returning them to their home environment.

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Alley Cat Project
Seattle, WA

Our mission is to improve the lives of cat in the City of Seattle by reducing over-population through TNR of un-owned community cats. Our core activity is to assist feral cat feeders and homeowners who have feral cats with trapping, neutering and returning the cats.  We provide the trapping equipment, onsite expertise, transportation to and from clinic, and house the cats for recovery following surgery. We pay extra to have the cats vaccinated, wormed, and treated for fleas.  We occasionally provide colony caretakers with shelter, feeding stations, and food.  When cats cannot be returned to where they were living, we seek alternative homes, such as in barns or warehouses for rodent control.

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Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership
Fishers, IN

ARPO was conceived in 1998 by a group of Indianapolis citizens concerned about the continuing high rate of euthanasia in our city. ARPO seeks to unite animal-related businesses and organizations in central Indiana for the purpose of promoting responsible pet ownership and decreasing the number of companion animals surrendered to shelters. ARPO is funded solely by donations and is staffed entirely by volunteers.

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