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Grand Prairie CAT CREW
Grand Prairie, TX

Grand Prairie Cat Crew exists to increase survivability and quality of life for the cats in our city by increasing the Live Release Rate at our local shelter; promoting fostering, rescue, and other programs to help endangered animals; running a TNR (trap/neuter/return) program to decrease the number of feral cats, educating the public regarding programs and policies that impact cats; partnering with our local animal shelter; promoting spay/neuter programs; and advocating for as-risk animals.

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Greyhound Adoption League
Dallas, TX

GALT is dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds. GALT is nationally recognized for accepting all greyhounds, no matter their physical or medical condition.

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Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel
Houston, TX

Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue (“GCCSR”) was founded in June 2010. We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. All three board members work full time jobs and run the organization after hours and on the weekends. Since GCCSR was established, we have rescued 177 cocker spaniels and cocker mixes.

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Gulf Coast Humane Society
Corpus Christi, TX

Our mission is to save lives one at a time, and to place homeless animals into loving homes. We strive to promote responsible pet parenting and the humane treatment of all animals.

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Harris County Animal Shelter
Houston, TX

The Harris County Animal Shelter, a division of Harris County Public Health, provides animal adoption and veterinary care for homeless pets, a pet wellness clinic for the public, zoonotic disease surveillance, responsible pet ownership education, as well as animal control services throughout unincorporated Harris County and with contracted municipalities.

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Help Meowt C.A.R.E.S
Horizon City, TX

We are a no kill shelter that all cats that are not adopted will have a forever, free roaming, caring, safe home to live out the rest of their lives.

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Helping Hands Basset Rescue
Round Rock, TX

Helping Hands Basset Rescue is a 501(3)(c) Not-For-Profit, volunteer organization dedicated to saving the homeless basset hounds of Central, Texas. Our organization gives Bassets a second chance to live as they were intended - as someone's best animal friend.

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Highland Lakes
Marble Falls, TX

The HLSPCA is a volunteer run organization with the help of a paid onsite facility manager/caretaker . We take in abandoned and homeless dogs from area city/county facilities and private individuals. Because we are a No-kill shelter, each animal has a permanent home with us regardless of their adoption status. We have a lifetime "no-questions asked" return policy, which ensures that none of our dogs need ever be homeless again.

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Hill Country Cat Control
Horseshoe Bay, TX

Hill Country Cats is dedicated to humane, effective reduction of the feral and free-roaming cat population in Burnet and Llano counties through the proven method of Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR).

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Hill Country SPCA
Fredericksburg, TX

Because every single animal has value, the Hill Country SPCA is dedicated to: preventing cruelty and neglect of domesticated animals in the Texas Hill Country, reducing the number of homeless and unwanted companion animals, eliminating euthanasia of unwanted animals, fostering responsible pet ownership, providing shelter and placement services for homeless and unwanted animals.

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Holly's Hope logo
Buda, TX
Our mission is to create a nationwide network of vets, shelters, and fosters and support all pets in need. Donate money to other rescues needed to commit to rescuing an animal from a shelter.  Money is used for medical, transport, boarding etc. Go to website
Homeless Pet Placement League
Houston, TX

The Homeless Pet Placement League (HPPL) is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that provides for the rehabiliation and adoption of stray and abandoned dogs and cats. The HPPL does not operate a shelter; animals are cared for in the homes of those who rescue them. The rescuer serves as the foster parent until the animal is adopted into a permanent home.

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