The Pet Project

The Pet Project (Phoenix, Arizona) logo is a drawing of a dog face and cat face encircled by human arms

At The Arizona Pet Project, our primary goal is preventing pet homelessness by keeping families with pets together. Oftentimes, pet owners can’t afford to care for their animals and they surrender them at shelters. The reasons are many—owners may have lost their jobs or their homes, suffered an illness, or had a divorce or death in the family. Or their pet may have gotten sick and they can’t pay the veterinary bills.  Surrendering a pet to a shelter where they are frequently euthanized is a tragedy we want to avoid. We’re here to support families by keeping their pets healthy and safe. Animals bring comfort, joy, healing and health, and we believe those benefits shouldn’t be restricted to a very small percentage of owners who can afford the best care and resources pets deserve.
Phoenix, AZ