Soula's Way Animal Rescue (NKLA)

Soula's Way Animal Rescue (NKLA) (Los Angeles, California) | logo of black and white dog head, tongue, soula’s way animal rescue

Soula’s Way is a 501c animal rescue organization led, with the love and admiration for all animals, by a very young girl named, Soula. From the time Soula could crawl, she was enthralled with the family pets and anyone’s dog, cat or otherwise that she could get her little hands on. She quickly discovered the joy, unconditional love and entertainment that these pets provided. The current main mission of Soula’s Way is to rescue animals, with last chances at local, Southern California animal shelters. Once rescued, we rehabilitate the animals to make for a smoother transition to their forever homes. We strive to connect the animals we rescue with the best possible loving and caring forever homes.
Woodland Hills, CA