Addilyn :

Rest in peace, Addie.

We thought you might want to know about Addie, who we lost very unexpectedly Friday night.  She could not breathe so we took her to an emergency clinic. He did a chest X-ray and found that her lungs had tumors. She had two mast cell tumors removed a couple of months ago. Her annual about three weeks ago only showed that she had a heart murmur. The chest X-ray also revealed two bullets, one at her shoulder and one very close to her heart. We adored her and our hearts are broken.

The seven and a half years we had her went very quickly. Thank you again for finding her and letting us enjoy and love her. She was one of a kind and was always with me or my husband Chris. She was a wonderful companion and a true inspiration for all who got to know her.  Addie was outgoing and had no boundaries. Best Friends’ Guardian Angels did wonders for her.