"I don't feel good. Mom isn't here to comfort me, so could you hold me?"

Alfie melts into your arms like a warm blanket. Part of it is because he's just that kind of lovey-dovey boy. The other part of it, though, is why he needs Guardian Angels pronto!

A Good Samaritan saw the suffering little dog and lifted him off the streets. But it was clear he needed some serious medical attention. So they whisked him off to Best Friends and placed him straight into the arms of Guardian Angels!

A puppy shouldn't be so shy and lethargic. Right away Best Friends vet team tested him for Parvo. If left untreated, the Parvo bacteria can get into the bloodstream and become life-threatening very quickly. But if caught in time, a puppy can make a full recovery and lead a healthy, happy life. Alfie tested positive and treatment started immediately. But that's just his first obstacle!

Because Parvo didn't explain his uncontrollable twitching. Is it a seizure? No, he's fully awake and aware when it's happening. His vet team suspected another underlying disease. Sure enough, poor, little Alfie has a distemper virus infection, too. That's two life-threatening diseases in one little body! Like Parvo, if quickly and properly treated, a puppy can recover from distemper, even though the muscle tremors will remain. He can still lead a normal, happy life.

But he has some big hurdles to clear first. Thank goodness he has Guardian Angels to help him!

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