Making the impossible possible with Filigree.

I got to know Filigree when I started working with her at  California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE). Needless to say, trying to do rehab on cats is usually a little more difficult than working on dogs. However, Filigree basically did everything we wanted her to do. I fell in love with her because she's more like a dog than a cat.

We do active therapy, gait training, even underwater treadmill with her and she works hard. I put braces on her knees and ankles, she wears a harness and I am constantly working with her so she is in correct therapeutic position whether working or at rest. She goes with the flow.

I have a soft spot for the difficult cases where the pet is willing to work hard. It makes the impossible possible. Currently she is able to stand unassisted. The left hind motors and the right is able to bear weight in the correct position.

She's pretty much fearless and has no problems with my senior pit bull and my rescued Chihuahua mix, who has some neurological deficits and has a BB in her spine, but is able to spinal walk. I love her whether or not she walks but I will work with her for as long as she wants to try and keep improving.

Her new name is Misty, after the principal dancer with the American ballet theater who has hyperextended knees and had a difficult beginning, but it didn't slow her down!