Life in a home is good for Harvard.

I received a note from Deb letting us know that Harvard (now know as Peyton) has settled in well. Deb hit a common bump, so I'll take a moment to mention it.

Change can be difficult. Just like some people cope with change better than others, I think the same can be said about pets. Bringing a new pet into a home qualifies as a big change - for that new pet and the existing household.

For Peyton and Deb, the biggest bump wasn't him getting along well with her other dogs, they hit it off right away. It was that he slept all day and was awake (and complaining about that state) all night.

Deb was well prepared to deal with any bumps along the way, but I think this night owl business was a surprise even to her. After a few long sleep deprived days, finally Peyton started to blend in with the rhythms of his new home. Playing all day and being active with his doggy siblings helped. Now Peyton snoozes the night away and so does Deb.

Good job everybody!