Farm life

Jodee is doing great! In January, we moved to a little farm property. I was a little worried about her since Jodee doesn't like change, but she immediately settled in. She LOVES the new place. Not only does she have the biggest backyard ever, there's an awesome park nearby with a huge lake that she loves. We did have to spend some time teaching her not to get too close to the horses, but she's such a fast learner that she figured it out in no time at all. Jodee has also taken it upon herself to keep our property free of pesky bunnies and squirrels. ;)

While she's a puppy on the inside, she's definitely a senior dog on the outside. Her back legs are starting to slow her down more than we'd like to admit. But we have her on her daily medicine and try to keep her from overdoing it.

She still has problems with allowing strangers in our house and probably always will. But we know how to introduce her to people that she has to know and we deal with it. She's the sweetest dog ever and 100% worth the effort.