Oh, dear — Jordy’s problem is a little bit embarrassing!

He’s really a darling little kitten. Homeless at just 15 days old, he and his siblings came from a city shelter to Best Friends’ Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles.

Then they all went into foster care, where they thrived and had a lot of fun. Jordy was the calmest of the kittens. But in time, his foster mom began to suspect that there also was something else different about Jordy. Let’s just say he had a lot of trouble any time he tried to use the litter box. Was it constipation?

She took him to the vet, who was able to provide temporary solutions. But once Jordy was old enough to be neutered, he headed off to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for special care. Because this didn’t look like any ordinary case of constipation.

Sure enough, once he arrived at the clinic, it was clear there was an underlying a problem. It looks like there may be something wrong with the very structure of his tail end. He may need surgery.

Poor little fellow! He’s a low-key and friendly guy — not to mention adorable. But he must be so uncomfortable — uncomfortable and homeless for his whole short life so far.

But things are surely about to turn around. At least now he’s someplace where he can get all the medical care he needs and the best chance possible at a life of comfort — maybe even a home if we can get him all fixed up.

Guardian Angels, please welcome little Jordy, as we try to make the next years of his life a whole lot brighter.

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