As you know Jordy had been in the clinic for sometime and had no other encounters with anyone besides the people working here. However, that all changed when MJ came to the clinic with two broken legs.

You could tell Jordy and MJ had a connection from the time they started living next to each other.

Jordy would paw under the gate to say hello to MJ. When I would walk MJ outside toward the back of the run, Jordy would meow and rub himself on the gate. MJ would wag her little nub tail. Sometimes MJ would even wait for Jordy to come greet him.

As MJ is a young pup and Jordy is a young kitten, they had yet to experience things. Jordy needs exercise to help him pass bowel movements and MJ needs exercise to regain strength in her legs. Playing together allows them to become more familiar with other animals and also helps them with their medical issues. They both really enjoy taking turns teasing one another, but little Jordy usually runs the show.

However, MJ isn’t the only new friend that Jordy has made. I have great news to share! Jordy was adopted by Best Friends’ new veterinary technician, Eric Ryan, who said Jordy is doing great with his dogs and fits in very well.