Cat-savvy woman adopts Jordy the cat

When a young lady named Jayde came to volunteer at the Sanctuary, she had an idea to find a playmate for her one-year-old cat. The little calico had a lot of energy, and sometimes annoyed or startled the adult deaf cat she lives with. When Jayde told me her mission, my mind immediately went to Jordy.

Cat socialization

Jordy, as you know, grew up without a lot of cat companionship due to his medical needs so he didn't learn a lot of "cat manners." But recently, to help with his socialization, Jordy has been given lots of play dates with adult and young cats like Zinc, Brody, Butch and Kyllie. His manners improved by leaps and bounds, and Jordy was able to move in with a group of cats at Morgaine's Place.

Still, Jordy had a lot of energy. The caregivers made sure he had daily walks. they worked with him on his kittenish habit of biting fingers in play, and swatting when he felt he wasn't getting his way (like when it was time to end a walk). So Jordy didn't just need a playful cat friend to play and help him burn off energy. He needed humans who would understand his sassy attitude and not let him get away with bullying them.

Jayde took Jordy for a walk, and sure enough when she wanted to turn him around to head back, Jordy showed some attitude. Jayde calmly but firmly told him that it was her decision, and didn't overreact when Jordy gave her a bit of a scratch. In return, Jordy seemed to recognize that he couldn't bully Jayde, and settled down to enjoy the walk back without too much complaining.

Cat-savvy young woman's decision

After sleeping on it to make sure she wasn't making a rash decision, Jayde decided Jordy was indeed the right fit for her and a good playmate for her young cat. For my part, I was pleased to find a home with a cat-savvy human who appreciates a cat with his own opinions. I'll miss that cute ball of fluffy!