Change of plans

Whoops! We jumped the gun a little bit on Jordy when we wrote that he was adopted. 

It turns out that he's sticking around for a while longer and he's still looking for a home. Jordy had just gone home when there was a very unexpected change of plans. We all know how life can do that — but no worries. Jordy can stay at Best Friends for as long as he needs to. We are confident that his forever home is right around the corner.

Once back, he will be living at Cat Headquarters with two roommates — Nicky and Sax. This should be a fantastic experience for him since he has grown up without any kitty companions and really loves being around other animals, both cats and dogs. This will also help keep him active, which is part of the long term plan to keep his bowel movements regular. Jordy will be back very soon and then he can start his new life at Cat Headquarters with a little cat family of his own.