Extra space

After Jordy's surgery, we decided to give him more space in which to run around, in hope that this would also help stimulate his colon. That "extra space" turned out to be my office. Jordy comes to visit each weekday after breakfast and stays until his afternoon meal. I am supposed to provide him with stimulating activities. This consists primarily of just staying out of his way. He has multiple toys on the floor to bat around and, of course, there is the wonderful desk mountain to conquer. 

He also discovered that my file box is perfect for capturing balls so they can't get away. So his afternoons are often spent lying in the file box and batting toys about. Since I'm sitting right next to the box, frequent head rubs are also required. I actually spend some of my time trying to talk him into not doing stimulating activities, such as running across the keyboard. I have created a "path" between my monitor and my keyboard so that he can, hopefully, fly by and not run on top of it. Thank goodness he hasn't discovered the “send” button yet or my teammates would be getting some very strange emails.

This has worked great for the weekdays, but I was a little concerned about the days when he didn't have access to my office. Leaving Jordy to his own devices in my office is a little too frightening to consider. 

Two clinic techs, Sara and Melanie, came up with a fantastic solution. We have a separate room just off of the main clinic area that houses our ultrasound machine. It is used off and on throughout the week, but otherwise sits vacant. Sara and Melanie came up with the great idea of turning it into a play area for Jordy when it wasn't being used for ultrasound. Presto-change-o, the padded troughs used for placing patients on their backs were flipped upside down on the floor to create tunnels to shoot through or to run across. Cardboard boxes were taped together and holes cut to allow Jordy to pop up and jump through a variety of spaces while racing around the ultrasound table. The table itself became a stand for hanging toys, swatting and pulling. The ultrasound room has been renamed Pee-wee's Playhouse and it all belongs to Jordy.

We still don't know the final outcome of Jordy's surgery. He continues to need frequent enemas and has occasional difficulty passing his stools, but his colon and rectum are still adjusting to the surgical procedure, so only time will tell. In the meantime, using my office and Pee-wee's Playhouse, Jordy has developed a technique we call PEP (play, eat poop), which is definitely helping him. We still have some time before the specialist sees him, so by then we should know if he is going to have a normally functioning system or if he needs further surgery. Either way, Jordy is having fun being a kitten. We should sell tickets!