Meet Jordy

Jordy came into our Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay Neuter Center neonate program with his mom (Janette) and two siblings (Joe and Josie) on February 2 from North Central Los Angeles Animal Shelter. At only 15 days old, he and his family immediately went into a foster home.

Christy, Jordy’s foster mom, reports that he is really sweet, but was obviously a mama’s boy. Though he would play with his siblings, he was not as rambunctious as the other kittens and really enjoyed just sitting next to his mom.

Our medical team was alerted that there was something abnormal with Jordy when he started eating wet food at about four weeks old. Christy noticed that Jordy had litter box issues. He’d attempt to go to the bathroom, but nothing would come out and he wasn’t too happy about it. So she brought him back for a vet appointment where he was given some medication to help him poop. However, that caused another issue. When he’d use the litter pan, he’d continue to drip.

So Jordy endured baths for the next four weeks. As much as he voiced his opposition, he also enjoyed the attention. Janette also continued to help with the cleanup process, even after a mama cat typically stops her kittens’ butt baths. Christy thinks Janette sensed Jordy was different, so she spoiled him.

At two months old, Jordy was brought back to the adoption center. Since there was very minimal improvement when he was ready for neuter, we decided to hold off and send him to the Sanctuary for further care and diagnostics. Fortunately he was admitted to Cat World and I’m excited to hear he’s being featured in the Guardian Angel program. In a short time, he’s gone from L.A. to the limelight.