Office buddy

Jordy's return to Best Friends would have taken place after-hours, with no one to give him a proper welcome home. So Jasmin, the clinic manager, graciously agreed to let him stay at her house overnight and catch a ride to the clinic the next morning. She knew Jordy would appreciate seeing a familiar face.

Jasmin has a small dog and small children, so this was also a great opportunity to introduce Jordy to new experiences in a controlled environment. Jordy had a blast!

Jasmin's little dog is neurologic, so he can't handle too much rough housing or aggression. Jordy was very loving and they got along great. As for small children, bring it on! Jordy played for hours with Jasmin's daughter and kept coming back for more. The only un-fun part was for Jasmin, since Jordy shared a bedroom with her overnight and thought it was great fun to run continuously across her head and body all night, ping-ponging on and off the bed. 

It was one more life experience that Jordy passed with flying colors.

When I arrived at work the next morning, there was Jordy, my old office buddy, back in his spot on my desk. He will stay at the clinic a couple of days so that everything can get set up for him at Cat Headquarters. This is a great transition for him since he is coming back to a very familiar environment and we can monitor him to be sure the "pipes are working" properly before he heads off to Cat World.

I can't say that I am getting much work done, but Jordy would remind me that he is my work! All the techs are stopping by to say hello and play with him. When they are not around, he goes to Plan B.

There is a cat tree in the corner next to a large plate glass window that overlooks an interior hallway. When the visitors disappear and he has found me boring (since I am actually trying to get some work done), Jordy sits expectantly on the top platform where he can see out. Anyone walking by is fair game. He suckers them into running their fingers up and down the glass or waving, much to Jordy's delight. Like I said, not much work getting done, but Jordy is a great stress reducer for the staff and he just thinks this is how it's supposed to be — Jordy, the center of the universe.

Soon he will be off to his next adventure — Cat Headquarters and roommates.