Playtime and respect

Jordy learning manners with MakanaSo sorry that there hasn't been an update on Mr. Jordy for a while, but he hasn't been feeling up to par. With some minor medication adjustments, subcutaneous fluids and unenforced rest (which is how we knew he was not feeling well), he's back to his wild child self!

As you know, due to dietary issues Jordy is living in a single room. However, at his age it is very important that is introduced to other cats to learn how to play and to learn "cat manners". Thus, he has been enjoying playdates almost daily with kittens awaiting adoption (the kittens are rarely here very long). On the first few play dates, Jordy was a little too lively for his slightly smaller, younger new friends, but one of the little females, Makana, would have none of it and to this day, Jordy is slightly afraid of her. I think maybe this is a good thing on the road to learning manners. As days have passed, Jordy has calmed down and is actually displaying what looks to me like respect (could it be?) for the little ones. We will continue these play dates for as long as there are willing kittens (the supply is endless) or until Jordy finds his forever home, whichever comes first.

Jordy and Makana enjoying the view from a cat tower