Jordy moved to Cat Headquarters a few weeks ago and has had many adventures in this short time. We tried moving him with two young adults, Nicky and Sax, but he is a little too rambunctious for little Nicky. (Nicky is from the Los Angeles program and has some minor neurological issues. Jordy really set him off!)

After that failed experiment Jordy is now in his own room. Due to his extreme youth, we make sure that all volunteers play with him and that all caregivers in the building spend time with him daily and as often as possible. He is still a little "mouthy," so we're working diligently to correct this one small behavioral flaw. Everyone who meets him is smitten. Once his medical issues resolve, I'm sure he'll be adopted quickly.

Rambunctious little Jordy

Speaking of his medical issues, he saw Dr. Patti this morning for a check up since he's been having loose stools for a couple of days She is extremely pleased with his progress. She says he looks great, is pleased that his weight is appropriate for his age and size and is going to reduce one of his constipation meds. He's also going to be allowed to have 1/8 cup of dry food. As of this moment he doesn't know what to do with the dry food and is trying to bury it.