We felt a second surgery was necessary for Jordy because although he was defecating better after the first surgery, he still needed almost daily enemas to defecate regularly. Some of this was probably due to scar tissue, but I also feel that some of it was due to his colon function not being normal following his first surgery.

We took more radiographs prior to his surgery, just to see what his colon looked like and were really happy to note that the colon was a much more normal size. This is a pretty positive indicator that he will have more normal colonic function. If his colon does not work well, no matter how well we correct the anal stricture, he will not pass stools on his own.

So our little Jordy was seen by Dr. Tricia Kupanoff, a board certified surgeon out of Phoenix who periodically comes to the Sanctuary to help with our more involved surgical cases. She performed a resection of the remaining scar tissue involving his anus.

Since surgery, Jordy has been doing very well. He defecates on his own most of the time, but occasionally still requires an enema. He is still on several medications to keep the stools a bit softer and to help with colonic contractions.

Jordy is still at the clinic at this time while we get a better handle on how well he will defecate on his own and what his long-term care and medications will be. However, I am pretty hopeful that with time he will make a good addition to someone’s four-legged family, though he may require help here and there passing stool.