070215Jordy_VESo it looked like Jordy was going to need a surgery to relieve the stricture. It is a pretty delicate area back there, with lots of nerves and blood supply. We wanted to make sure we did the right thing by Jordy so we contacted a boarded surgeon, Dr. Rob Orsher from the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (VSEC) near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We knew that Dr. Orsher had a lot of experience with this type of problem.

He spoke to us at length on the phone, reviewed radiographs and photos of Jordy and then advised us how to pursue with surgery. Taking his advice, we anesthetized Jordy and carefully removed part of the stricture. We were pretty conservative in our approach, but felt we created a more normal opening for defecation. 

Jordy woke up without complication. Although he is not defecating normally and does require enemas periodically to help him defecate, he is able to pass a pretty normal sized kitten poop! We all cheered. (We are thankful for the oddest things in the veterinary world.) We suspect that Jordy may need a second surgery and will have one of our biggest supporters, Dr. Tricia Kupanoff, another boarded surgeon, come up and reassess Jordy with us.

So at this point Jordy is really spunky and growing! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and we could not ask for a better patient. Welcome Jordy, we hope you find your forever home soon!