Baby Justin

Talk about lucky! Yes lucky. Imagine how the stars had to align for little Justin to survive and thrive. It’s obvious that his foster families loved him. He is a well adjusted confident little shark ― I mean puppy. 

(Baby photo from his foster in Arizona)

When I met this guy, he’d had a really big day. A long drive and now he’s in a new place with new people. He was bashful for about one minute, and then I was his new favorite chew toy. Named after a brand of cowboy boots, Justin is tough, determined, smart and sweet. Just like all the best cowboys.

As Justin settles in, we’ll find him a like-sized dog or puppy friend to play with. Bite inhibition is one of the lessons mom would have taught him, had she survived. We’ll find a savvy surrogate who can help him learn this essential skill.  

Justin has amazing balance. He has figured out how to get around, even without back feet. It was pretty amazing to see him balance on his front legs to get around, even with his back legs almost off the ground.  He even navigates the doggy door without too much trouble. 


In his mind, he’s not missing a thing. 

We are still in the planning stage of what we can do to help Justin's mobility. For a start we are putting rubber mats down in his run to make the surface grippy but not rough. He has many clinic visits in his future, and lots of time with our dedicated trainers to help him learn to leave his booties on!  And of course hours of just being a puppy and being loved on by caregivers and volunteers.

The sky is the limit for this guy.