Justin and Rosanna go home.

Justin's luck changed again in the blink of an eye when a couple from Florida fell in love with him and another dog named Rosanna. They decided that if Justin and Rosanna could be friends, they'd adopt them both!

Dogtown went to work, and Justin and Rosanna began to spend lots of time together under the watchful eye of caregivers. Well, Justin loves the ladies, and he and Rosanna became the best of buddies.

When the couple came to Utah to visit, it was like Justin and Rosanna had known them for forever. The connection was instant and palpable. So these two lucky pups flew to their new home in Florida and are settling in very well. Especially after a shopping spree that included a special bed for Justin, and lots of toys for Rosanna too.

Congrats to all involved. We'll check in again once they have settled in and see how these kids adapt to life in the Sunshine State.