Why wasn’t anyone adopting poor Katelyn? She was at a shelter where you only get so much time. And this poor little Jack Russell mix wasn’t standing a very good chance of finding a home.

Why? Because Katelyn has Megaesophagus. That’s a condition where your food gets stuck in your esophagus. Dogs who have it often can’t get the food all the way down, and can come down with aspiration pneumonia pretty easily from breathing too much regurgitated debris. On top of that, Katelyn is a bit wobbly and weak in her back end, probably from an old fracture. So that’s why Katelyn wasn’t finding a home, and the clock was ticking.

So she came to Best Friends, where we’d like to welcome her to the Guardian Angel community! She really is a wonderful dog. Not only is she little and cute, but she’s such a sweetheart! It’s no wonder the shelter staff had fallen in love. Now, the goal is to get her living the best life she can.

Her caregivers at Best Friends will feed her from an elevated dish, and then keep Katelyn upright for 30 minutes afterward to help that food go down. She may take some medications as well. And of course, lots of tests are being run to see if there’s a clear cause of the megaesophagus. We don’t know whether Katelyn can even be fully cured. But we do know that she can enjoy her life, and that it can be filled with friends – here at the Sanctuary, possibly someday in her very own home, and of course – out there, among all of you!

Guardian Angels, please welcome Katelyn to our circle of friends!

Busy month November 24, 2015

Service dog Katelyn takes flight.

Summer fun October 1, 2015

A quick update from Dee and Katelyn

Family addition October 30, 2014

There’s a new person for Katelyn to snuggle and her mama couldn’t be happier.

Special date August 22, 2014

Katelyn continues to thrive after one year in her loving home.

Positive energy February 27, 2014

Katelyn overcomes a loss in her life by spending time supporting our veterans.

Blessing November 19, 2013

Katelyn continues to touch lives wherever she goes.

Giving back November 5, 2013

Katelyn not only helps family as a service dog, she’s also visiting hospitals and nursing homes.

Personality plus September 6, 2013

Everyone who meets Katelyn falls in love, so Dee is looking into therapy dog training.

Adopted! August 27, 2013

Caregiver has the perfect memory of Katelyn from just before she left for her new home.

On the job August 20, 2013

The whole Welcome Center enjoys Katelyn’s weekly visits and help.

Discharged July 26, 2013

After a brief stay at the clinic, Katelyn is delighted to be back at the Clubhouse, with a new roommate.

Doing fine June 27, 2013

Katelyn’s condition is well controlled, even without medication.

Meal time May 29, 2013

Two 30 minute dinners with Katelyn provide lifetime memories for one staffer.

Crowd pleaser April 22, 2013

Katelyn is an instant hit with visitors at a recent Village Cafe lunch.

Special friend April 2, 2013

A local volunteer spends quality time with Katelyn.

More firsts March 14, 2013

Katelyn goes on her first outings and revels in the experience.

Firsts March 5, 2013

Katelyn makes a new friend and discovers a fun new pastime.

Easy to love February 14, 2013

Dogtown caregiver Tom talks about meeting Katelyn and the special care he is providing.

Meet Katelyn January 30, 2013

A sweet dog with a serious medical condition is getting care and TLC at Best Friends.