More firsts

This month marks Katelyn's first outings. The first was with me to Angels Overlook. Once again, I loaded Katelyn up in my jeep (she ran for the golf cart initially), and off we went. We drove down into the canyon, Katelyn in my lap the entire time, until we came to the overlook. Since Katelyn is absolutely amazing off leash, at least with Tom and me, I picked her up out of my car and we took a short stroll throughout the overlook. After walking for a while, we decided it was time to go back to the Clubhouse to warm up, and as Katelyn received her third feeding that day, she dozed off peacefully in the arms of an intern almost immediately after finishing her food. Katelyn was also lucky enough to go on her first outing with volunteers, who came to help out at the Clubhouse a few days later. Two young ladies visiting saw Miss Katelyn and fell in love with her at first sight (as just about everyone does). Their outing consisted of taking Katelyn for a car ride, and then back to the cottage they were staying at for another feeding and to kick back and relax. Katelyn had a wonderful time, giving out plenty of kisses and cuddling with the two ladies all afternoon. Yet another great end to the day for Miss Katelyn.

Katelyn is now approved for outings and sleepovers, and we hope to see this sweet girl go out on many more during her duration here at Best Friends, until she is able to find her forever home. Until then, not to worry, Katelyn fans, she is receiving lots of loving and attention from us caregivers, tour visitors, and volunteers here at the Clubhouse.

Watch two short videos of Katelyn shot by Best Friends staff:
Katelyn on a walk (click here)
A typical day for Katelyn (click here)