Special friend

As a volunteer who lives in Kanab, I spend much time in Dogtown, volunteering in different areas. One of these areas is the Clubhouse where I was introduced to Katelyn. Since feeding and holding Katelyn is time-consuming, it is an area where, by my attending to Katelyn's special needs, the caregivers can be freed up to take care of the other dogs in their care.

Katelyn may be "special needs," but she is also very special. She has an extremely sweet disposition, making feeding her a privilege. When Katelyn sees me coming in the door, she gets very excited and happy. I'm not sure if she is that happy to see me or if she is hungry!

Since she needs to eat and remain in a vertical position after she eats, I make us comfortable in a chair and hold her upright while and after she eats for about 30 minutes. Often Buddy Valentine,her runmate, joins us, Katelyn snuggles against my chest, and Buddy Valentine sits on my knees. This quiet time has turned into cuddle time, with both of Katelyn and I snoozing occasionally (especially in early afternoon). She naps quite peacefully until she hears a noise - any noise - and then she turns into a little busybody, not wanting to miss anything going on in the building.

Although it requires a large chunk of time daily (about two hours), she would be a great addition to any home with the time and commitment to care for her needs. Katelyn is, indeed, a very special dog - very loving