Is she a miracle? Or is she just living on borrowed time …. The truth is, we don’t know. All we can do is cheer her on.

Kunzite’s mom came to Best Friends with the parvo virus. This is very dangerous to puppies. They had to be immediately taken away from her, and they were only a couple days old. Growing up without your mom is hard enough for puppies that age. But they all went into foster homes who bottle fed them every few hours, and watched over them dotingly. Still, they had already been exposed to their mom, and it started showing.

As they grew, their hearts and lungs did not grow with them. And they began to die suddenly, one at a time. Talk about some broken-hearted foster moms! The weeks passed, and Kunzite’s foster mom kept expecting symptoms to develop on the little youngster, just as they had in her siblings. But she seemed to be growing into a playful, normal pup. At six weeks old, she was still with us.

Is she destined to be an unlikely survivor? It’s a scary situation. One thing’s for sure. She’ll need the vets, and a lot of guardian angels to watch over her …

California girl October 8, 2015

Kunzite takes full advantage of the good life.

In her prime May 8, 2014

Described as both an angel and little devil, miracle puppy Kunzite is now an astounding seven years old.

Household-in-training May 11, 2011

Kunzite's humans are no longer the dominant ones in the family and this is leading to some "issues." Read the latest update!

Summer recap September 16, 2010

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Top ten December 21, 2009

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Happy August! August 13, 2009

Kunzite is doing great and continues to be the model big sister to her human sidekick.

Celebrating two years April 22, 2009

Kunzite has taken over the role of big sister in her ever-growing family.

Getting ready February 23, 2009

Life is about to change for Kunzite and her family with the pending arrival of a new "human" pack member.

Birthday girl December 24, 2008

Kunzite just turned two! She is doing great and continues to bring joy to her family.

Road Trip! August 4, 2008

Kunzite and her family have not wasted any time this summer. Check out pictures from all of their adventures.

One year strong April 28, 2008

Kunzite celebrates the one year anniversary of the day she was adopted. Watch the slideshow!

Antics March 19, 2008

Kunzite is still very much a cuddler and the biggest lap dog her family has ever seen!

Firsts January 7, 2008

Kunzite's family looks back on all the "firsts" that they experienced since adopting her.

Reunion October 25, 2007

Kunzite and her mom return to Best Friends for a visit and some volunteer time.

Big move September 10, 2007

Kunzite and family moved to higher elevations with more play space for everyone! Also, watch a video from home.

July update July 26, 2007

Kunzite continues to grow into one beautiful and lovable girl.

All about playtime June 22, 2007

Kunzie still has a bit of a limp but she still plays and plays all day long.

Owie May 29, 2007

Kunzite's adventures have taken her down some unusual avenues in recent weeks.

Perfect fit May 11, 2007

Watch a slideshow and read about Kunzite's first week in her new home.

The very best ending May 7, 2007

Kunzite gets a happy ending of her own; the very best kind, one with a brand new beginning!

Vet visit May 1, 2007

Watch a slide show that documents Kunzite's clinical exam and experience with the x-ray machine.

Agility dog April 26, 2007

Kunzie's inner border collie emerges when introduced to an array of agility equiptment.

Hittin' the trails April 13, 2007

Kunzite is an outdoorsy type of girl. Read about her latest adventure.

Ups and downs April 2, 2007

Danielle describes the emotional rollercoaster she sometimes goes through caring for Kunzie.

Biker chick March 27, 2007

Kunzite's foster pop, Ross Hartill is in charge while mom is away. He shares the highlights.

Living to the fullest March 19, 2007

Now that Kunzie is vaccinated, she's having the time of her life!

Kunzie monster! March 15, 2007

Does Kunzie have a split personality? She's sweet and gentle one moment and wild the next.... well she's a puppy!

New foster family March 7, 2007

Kunzie's new foster dad shares his feelings about bringing her home and watching her grow.

Sleeping over March 1, 2007

Kunzite stays with dog adoption specialist Danielle for a week.

Little Miss Kunzie February 19, 2007

It's never too early to teach puppies new things and Kunzie is one smart pup!

Puppy behavior February 12, 2007

A Dogtown trainer does everything possible to give Kunzie the very best start in life.

Medical history February 6, 2007

Hear about Kunzite's history from the veterinary perspective.

Meet Kunzite February 1, 2007

A newborn pup with parvovirus has a challenging start to life.