Agility dog

Kunzite is growing like a weed!! Every morning we wake up and swear that she has grown 2 inches over night. The cute, fluffy puppy is turning into a mature, beautiful dog. It has been so wonderful to see her grown and change. Her legs get longer and longer everyday (I tell her she has supermodel legs) and her fur is starting to change as well, it’s becoming more shiny and sleek.


She seems to have so much fun running around our house and jumping on and off the couch, the fireplace and occasionally the coffee table, that I decided it might be fun for her to go to Tara’s Run in Dogtown. Tara’s Run is an enclosed area with agility equipment that we often use for training classes. So, during lunch one day, I took Kunzite to Tara’s Run. I thought that the first time Kunzite visited Tara’s Run, there would just be a lot of sniffing and getting familiar with the new area. I wasn’t even going to attempt to introduce her to the equipment, but she had other plans. After a few minutes of sniffing around, the inner Border Collie in her took over and she immediately went up and down the A-frame like she had been doing it all her life. Well, I figured, let’s see what else she can do. I broke out the treats and led her over to the See-Saw. I was worried about this one, because some dogs get a little spooked when the opposite end starts to fall. Not Kunzite! When the See-Saw hit the ground she just hopped off and looked behind her with a look that said "That doesn’t scare me, what’s next!" So, I lead her over to the weave poles, now this one was tricky, not so much for Kunzie, but for me. It wasn’t easy trying to lead her through those poles while trying to give her treats and watch where I was going. I have to admit, I tripped a few times. After about 4 runs through the poles, she was really starting to get the hang of it. She could be an agility dog extraordinaire in no time! I think we were both disappointed when 1 o’clock came, but we’ll try to get back a few times a week, just so she can hone her skills.


Photo by Ross Hartill.