All about playtime

Flashback! Watch a video from the day Kunzie met her new family.


I figured everyone was about due for their next dose of Kunzite! Kind of sounds like a medical supplement doesn't it?! In case some of you haven't read my post on the "Owie" update, Kunzie got her splint removed the Friday before Memorial Weekend. Perfect timing, as we were planning a long weekend in Carmel, CA and knew it would be tough to keep her out of the water! If you live in CA and have never been to Carmel, just to the south of Monterey, you have to plan a trip. It is the most dog friendly place I have ever seen! We were able to take the dogs to nice restaurants to eat on the patio and some even had doggie menu's. Plus it was lots of great socializing for all of the dogs. And we did tend to draw a lot of attention. Almost all of it good, but we did overhear someone loudly say over and over, how crazy we were to have 3 dogs. They're just lucky we left the cat at home!


Anyway, back to Kunzite. . . she limped around a bit at first after having the cast removed and really gave that leg a thorough licking for about 2 weeks (making up for lost licks, I guess!). Now, just barely a month after the fracture occurred, you'd never know she was hurt. Kunzite is still not able to jump up into or out of the car without a boost, but I'm sure that will come with more time. She is starting to pick up some speed on her runs through the desert trying keep up with Lizzy, her best buddy right now with Jasper still being kind of crabby.


And speaking of Jasper, he has still not quite come around to more than tolerating Kunzite. However, on 2 occasions when he thought no one was looking, he was caught in the act of actually playing outside with her!! I think he just really doesn't like the idea of sharing Lizzy with her. We will see in time if they become good playmates.


Kunzite's favorite thing continues to be playing in the sprinklers. Unless, of course, the cat happens to be around. Then she busies herself with a little game of chase. The cat seems to tolerate it and often times will antagonize Kunzite and Lizzy into playing the game.


We truly enjoy each day we have with this little 29lb bundle of joy and energy, who happens to be the only one not napping right now. Imagine that!


She loves ice cubes! If she hears me in the ice box, she comes running, sits down by the refrigerator and gives me her paw in return for the ice cube. She still loves the sprinkler and will stand right in front of the spray letting it hit her in the mouth. She's soaking wet right now, sucking on her blanket as I write this. She is learning to sit and wait (with lots of coaxing) before coming in and going out and always waits until the okay for meals. She is even managing to sit and stay up to about 50 yards with Jasper and Lizzy before they get released off leash into the desert for their walk/run.


Of course, she does have her naughty side . . . we are now flip-flop-less, she has started occupying her mornings outside with digging in the flower bed and is now back to her kennel during the day as she is starting to take things off of the counters and tables to busy herself while we are away at work. Oh, well! Puppies will be puppies! We are as much at fault as she is!


Well, now the office is filled with growls, barks and bite noises as Lizzy and Kunzite play with each other! I think it's walk time!


Hope all is well with everyone,