Big move

Kunzite loves to play! Watch a video from home of the entire Middleton gang.


Kunzite has started the month August with her first family move. One of, I'm sure, many more to come in the future with this family! We have moved to higher elevations out of the CA desert which means cooler temps and nearly two acres of yard to play on! Any dogs paradise, right? Well, two acres isn't quite enough for little Miss Kunzie. She requires a chaperone any time she sets a paw outside. She seems to enjoy seeing everything that isn't in the yard, despite us trailing after and calling her. Usually this is precluded by a look straight at us and the turn of her tail as she heads out to for other adventures. Right now we are trying the treat method for any recall at all. Jasper and Lizzy are really enjoying this!!


Speaking of Jasper, Lizzy seems to be taking a backseat in the daily playtime routine as Jasper and Kunzite enthusiastically chase each other all around the house and yard. They are definitely getting along just fine now. Jasper still gives Kunzie a little "smile" every now and then when he isn't in the mood, but all in all they are great together. (As you all knew they would be!)


The dogs are enjoying their evening walks around the new neighborhood and encountering many new four-legged species such as horses, llamas, goats and sheep. Kunzite gets very excited with these encounters, but never barks at the animals. Lizzy takes care of the growling! We keep our distance stopping momentarily to let them get a good look and then move on. They did manage to surprise some masked evening travelers passing through our yard the other night and treed three raccoons. Pretty exciting stuff!


Kunzite also made a trip to the vet before the move to get spayed. I was pretty worried about her going into surgery, but managed to call the vet only once to check on her. She was a little groggy that first night, but did manage to get outside to watch me water the flowers. And yes, it was only watching versus her usual all out water attack. By the next afternoon, she was back to her crazy self. The vet did take some X-rays of her heart and lungs, which I have sent on to Danielle and Dr. Mike to compare with her last ones. No word yet on any changes. Kunzite is so full of life and love, I can't imagine there being anything wrong with her at all. Her big heart just gives her that much more love to give!


All our best,



The Middleton's