Biker chick

Watch a slideshow of photos in "A day in the life of Kunzie."


What a weekend we’ve had. I’ve taken a break from cooking my supper and just in time to realize that Kunzite had mistaken the T.V. remote as one of her many toys that are scattered around our living room. All’s well, the remote still works and I’d wondered why the channel had changed from extreme makeover!


Danielle’s been busy at a Best Friends adoption event in Tempe Arizona and has been gone since Thursday so there has been a change to Kunzite’s routine, oh and mine! We’re both looking forward to Danielle coming home tomorrow from a busy and successful adoption event.


I work in the Maintenance Department managing Customer & Quality satisfaction and much of my time is spent around the Sanctuary. Kunzite got to meet many of the guys from the Maintenance Team then we spent some time driving around the sanctuary visiting various jobs. Kunzite is great in a vehicle; she sits on the passenger seat. Every now and then looks at me and rests her paw on my arm as I change gear.


The highlight of her weekend was on Saturday when a bunch of Bikers came through town. A Poker Run of over 700 Bikers were due to stop at Kanab Park for lunch and Kunzite was there to welcome them. She wasn’t too crazy about her Harley bandana at first but then she realized that she was the ultimate biker chick!


Not sure how she would react to all the people and the noise of the bikes I was slightly nervous but she was fine. Kunzite was an instant attraction, turning big burly bikers to their knees. Everyone was loving all over her and she was quite the celebrity with bikers wanting their photographs taken with her. Meeting a lot of people and a few dogs too, it was time to head home. Before we left we watched a lot of the bikes leave, Kunzite looked interested as the bikes roared off but she wasn’t bothered by the noise one bit.


So now we know why she’s doing so well! She’s a tough biker chick at heart, with attitude!


Back to cooking supper now with my kitchen assistant watching at my feet, hoping that something falls off the chopping board!


Story photo by Troy Snow. Slideshow photos by Ross Hartill.