California girl

Kunzite enjoys the Kern RiverHow time flies! We have been back in California for over a year now and are so happy to be back. The dogs love having two acres to enjoy along with off leash walks in the hills and plenty of critters to chase. Kunzite is fast approaching her ninth birthday December 14.

It’s hard to believe we now have what's considered three senior dogs. Due to some health issues with Jasper, our almost 14-year-old, we have officially switched everyone to senior dog food. It’s difficult calling them seniors as busy and active as they all are.

We took our annual dog trip during spring break in March to the Kern River area of Sequoia. It took two cars to get the dogs, kids and all of our gear out there. It was totally worth it. The dogs love the water and new adventures ― especially Kunzite. She's a water dog for sure.

As I wrote last year, we were in the management phase of maintaining our three-dog household. I was hoping I could write that we had only had one altercation in the past year since we moved, but there have been two. It's discouraging and definitely gets your blood pumping when you have to break dogs apart that are family. But two is better than three so we will continue to manage things. The dogs are all thriving and happy, and we are committed to our pet family!

Kunzite and her canine family

Kunzite is definitely a mommy's dog. She quickly takes over my husband’s spot on the bed whenever he's out of town and is quick to corral my attention any chance she gets. She's always had some anxiety over interacting with the kids, but lately I find her laying under the piano bench while my daughter practices and she casually strokes Kunzite's back with her foot. Baby steps, but I'll take them.

We are praying for a wet and snowy winter in the Sierra foothills this year! Kunzite loves the snow as much as she loves water. Hopefully El Nino delivers.

Kunzite is approaching her ninth birthday