Celebrating two years

Wow! With everything going on, April 21st just kind of snuck up on me. I actually had to look back at Kunzite’s journal entries to be sure of her anniversary date. I think I still have "pregnancy brain" or maybe it’s "lack of sleep brain" now! Hard to believe Kunzite has only been a part of our family for two years. It just seems like she’s always been with us. Guess it’s because we can’t imagine our lives without her anymore.


It’s now been two months since we welcomed the newest member of our family, Ashlyn Irene, born February 19th. Kunzite has proved to be a good big sister and hasn’t been too jealous about sharing her Mommy’s lap and our attention with another baby. However, if we are on the floor or bed, my lap and attention is fair game and so is Ashlyn. Kunzite is always quick to investigate and give her a good sniffing over. When Ashlyn wakes up and cries or fusses, Kunzite is there to escort me to her side. Ashlyn is also starting to take note of Kunzite. Hard to miss her when she’s right in your face! The black and white coloring of the dogs sure helps as well. Kunzite has also gotten really good at backing herself up to the rocking chair so I can scratch her butt with my foot while I’m feeding Ashlyn. There’s always a way to be the center of attention. And of course she’s still at the center of our bed at night!


We continue to enjoy our walks together with Ashlyn in the Baby Bjorn and now just recently the stroller. I am thinking about hooking up a pulling harness to Kunzite once Ashlyn gets older and let her pull the stroller! I think it could possibly be Kunzite’s true calling!


Better wrap this up, as there is always a lot to do when Ashlyn is actually asleep. Just didn’t want Kunzie’s anniversary to go by without an update. I think you all know how thankful we are that Kunzite has beaten the odds and continues to be a part of our lives and that we love her very much.