In the time we’ve had Kunzite, there have been many firsts. Kunzite’s first trip to California to her new home followed shortly by her first broken bone. (And my near heart failure!) The first, and somewhat loud, encounter with our cat, Patton. The game of herding the cat continues on most days. As quick as the cat is, Kunzite is actually getting quite good at keeping him from getting to the bedroom. Her first trip to the beach solidified her pure joy and love of water, which we see anytime we encounter a puddle, water hose or sprinkler. Then came the first camping trip with a cast trying to keep her out of that beloved water! We took our first family weekend trip to Carmel where Kunzite stayed in a hotel for the first time and got to go out to restaurants with us. For six months of age, her manners were nothing but courteous. Maybe it’s because she was so tired out from the day!


Of course, now is the first time a dog has been allowed to sleep on our bed while we are in it. I think we just don’t notice she’s there sometimes, or at least Miles doesn’t. Maybe it’s just because she is so darn cuddly! There was a first, and hopefully last, surgery, first move to the country, first encounter with horses, llamas, goats and now skunks. Not so much fun. First trip to Vegas and back to Best Friends... I could go on and on. However, there is one more first I’d especially like to add to this list. This is a 1st we were never quite sure Kunzite would experience when we adopted her, but are so grateful she has. I am writing of the most important "first" to date, Kunzite’s 1st Birthday, which she celebrated along with Jasper’s birthday on December 14th.


When we adopted Kunzite nearly eight months ago, we did so with the knowledge that she may not be a part of our lives for very long. Born to a mommy infected with Parvo, with siblings crossing the Rainbow Bridge suddenly one by one, Kunzie was eventually diagnosed with an enlarged heart. She was the lone survivor out of a litter of nine. One out of nine, eleven percent - odds a gambler probably wouldn’t bet on. I’ve never been a gambler, but something inside told me she was meant to be ours, and I haven’t looked back since. Kunzie is so full of life, love and happiness which she enriches our lives with everyday. It really is hard to have a bad day with her around, living each day to the fullest, taking in everything she possible can, as we all should.


As far as her medical condition today, all I really know is this, Kunzite really does have a big heart. We are looking forward to many more birthdays to come. Thank you all for watching her grow up, praying for her health and cheering her on along the way!