Getting ready

Just thought I’d get in a quick update before things got hectic around here! We have enjoyed several snowstorms in California since Kunzite’s 2nd birthday. This further affirms my belief that she is part sled dog! Aside from really pulling at her leash (and we’ve tried several collars and harnesses) she just absolutely loves the snow! Her next favorite outdoor activity is playing Frisbee in the dog park. She’s not obsessed about it like Lizzy, but does her fair share of barking if you won’t play. This is also her favorite thing to do on walks whenever you stop to talk to anyone. Needless to say, more walking, less talking!


One of Kunzite’s favorite indoor activities continues to be laundry!! Remember the video with Danielle when she was just a wee pup. Kunzite loves to help get the bedding ready for laundering. At least that’s what she thinks she’s doing, when in all actuality it takes longer to get the sheets to the laundry room with her "assistance." Her other favorite thing is to aggravate Lizzy by racing her to her sleeping spot under the bed. Lizzy does not like company under there! Once Lizzy gives up and moves to a dog bed, Kunzite claims her spot between us on our bed - belly up and paws in the air. She’s quite good at keeping us warm whether we are cold or not. I think she just likes to be next to someone-four-legged or two!


Life is about to change quite soon for our little family, as Kunzite is about to become a big sister. This time it’s not another puppy or kitty, but a baby. The dogs have all been introduced to any baby items that come into our home. Kunzite takes a special interest in the blankets and the stuffed toys. She loves anything with stuffing, especially if it makes noise! And, of course, she loves her blankie! Could be interesting. We are hoping to be as good at raising kids as we are at raising cats and dogs, so pray for us!! We are looking forward to introducing our pack to the new addition any day and will keep you updated!