Happy August!

Where is the summer going anyway? Kunzite started her summer with a visit to the vet in June for an abscess on her lower lip caused by what looked like a critter bite of some sort. She loves to chase gophers, squirrels, rabbits and anything that moves at any speed in any direction away from her!! That includes Patton, our cat! Unfortunately for them and sometimes for her, she is just quick enough to catch one. We treated the abscess with antibiotics for a couple of weeks and it finally cleared up. Back when Kunzite was taking heart meds all I had to do was drop the tiny pill in her food and she’d eat it right up. I figured this would work for the antibiotics as well. Boy was I wrong! She’d spit that pill right back out onto the rug. I finally just left the medication administering to Miles. He’s "tough love" and I am "happy play time pal". Hate to tarnish my reputation.


While we were at the vet, I discussed Kunzite’s history with Dr. Komin as we had not seen him at the clinic before. December of 2007 was the last time we had chest x-rays and an ECG. The tests were normal at that time, but I wanted to know what he thought in regards to follow up. Kunzite always has a very rapid heart rate when we are at the clinic, so we don’t get any clues there. Dr. Komin did pick up an arrhythmia, which he says is common in dogs and is probably the irregularity I hear when I put my ear to her chest. We decided the best thing to do would be to repeat the chest x-rays. Upon viewing the new x-rays you could clearly see what looked like cobwebs in Kunzite’s lungs. He said this could be something ongoing or scarring from an infection fought off as a puppy. Once we compared these to her old x-rays taken there in 2007 it confirmed that the "cobwebs" were present on her 2007 x-rays. What a relief! However, in the new x-rays, which were digital, they were more pronounced. Could just be because digital is so much sharper of an image. We shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but will watch her for any signs of increased fatigue or shortness of breath, just in case. As for Kunzite’s heart, it is just the right size. What great news for our little miracle pup.


Kunzite continues to be the model big sister for Ashlyn. She’s really the only dog that pays her any mind and never passes up an opportunity to jump on the bed with Ashlyn or check out her toys when she’s playing on the floor. Maybe just a coincidence, but she also lets Ashlyn touch her, which isn’t always pleasant when those fistfuls of hair come out in her little hands. We are working on nice petting, but when Ashlyn sees Kunzite she reaches for her with a big smile and arms outstretched. She seems to be able to distinguish Kunzite from Jasper and Lizzy. I know that they will grow to be best buddies and then Ashlyn can share her bed with Kunzite instead of Kunzite sharing ours!!



We just got back from a weekend in the Mendocino area staying at a pet friendly bed and breakfast where the dogs were welcomed with treats and bright yellow new tennis balls. All 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed the pet exercise meadow where Frisbees and balls were thrown and retrieved to exhaustion. Ashlyn and the dogs took their first trip to the vineyards in Anderson Valley where two particular vineyards even allowed dogs in the tasting rooms. Kunzite was more into the little snacks served and the pet exercise area than the wine or the vineyards and Ashlyn just loved the big glasses. So I guess there was something for everyone! Seems the world is becoming more and more pet friendly. At least the one we choose to live in anyway! Enjoy the rest of summer!