In her prime

I know we are long overdue for an update. I have written them in my head on our walks countless times, but never sat down long enough to get something on paper. In 2012, we moved to Texas, and at this time, we are already gearing up for a move back to California. We are all looking forward to the milder summer heat of California and returning to some of our favorite dog-friendly places – especially the two acres we still own in Cali!

In the last three years, we have said some goodbyes we weren’t ready for and had some wonderful hellos. My father left us for a better place at the end of 2012 after nearly a year-long battle with cancer. It’s amazing how comforting our pets are during these times in our lives. In June of 2012, we welcomed a new two-legged member to our family. He loves to watch the dogs play and share his food with them from time to time – much to their joy! In January of this year, we said a sad goodbye to our cat, Patton, who had been sick for the better part of a year. Kunzite always enjoyed a good game of chase with Patton. I’m sure he is waiting for us all at the Rainbow Bridge.


In our last update in 2011, we were a “household in training.” We worked with three separate trainers in California and one shortly after our move to Texas. Some anxiety issues appeared back in late 2010 that came with a poorly directed outlet we call misplaced aggression within the pack. At times that has been really hard on our family, and we have had to consider some tough choices. As you can see, our decision has been and continues to keep peace as best we can between the members of our pack. We have pushed beyond training to constantly being vigilant to cues and triggers that may upset the balance. It is not always easy and there are times we are not right there in that moment and miss a cue or trigger. No one is perfect, and I guess we can’t expect it in each other or our pets. We have learned a lot from our trainers and are constantly seeking information from others around us who have stood in our shoes.

So despite our issues, we are sticking together. I am committed to the commitment we made to our dogs to stick by them until it is their time to leave us behind. I never regret the decision we made to make Kunzite a part of our lives, and at this point, I don’t think I could ever let her go. She’s loud and crazy, a cuddler and a snuggler. An angel and a little devil – depends on which eye she’s looking at you with! Love her, Jasper and Lizzy with all my heart and will continue to do all I can keep the pack together.


Kunzite is now seven. I have no idea where all those years have gone! I was even a bit confused when the vet asked me if I wanted to run a senior blood panel on her. She’s still a puppy to me! Kunzie Monkey has had no health issues related to the parvo virus that infected her mother and took the lives of her eight littermates. The little puppy we adopted in 2007, not knowing how long her life would last, continues to be well, be loved and thrive.

Hope you have a great summer filled with some dog-friendly adventures!